Nov 14, 2016

2017's Hottest Landscaping Trends In Portland!


We have seen some pretty atrocious landscaping trends throughout out the years. Thankfully, 2017 heralds trends we love! This year many people will focus on functionality, sustainability and quality. We are so excited to share the 6 hottest 2017 landscaping trends in Portland!

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is on most peoples minds these days. This is for several reasons 1) lowers maintenance 2) better on the environment 3) more economicHence, there is a push for incorporating native plants and minimizing turf square footage. Native plants tend to need less water, fight disease better, improve biodiversity and reduce maintenance. Reducing turf is an excellent way of increasing sustainability; this is due to turfs greed for water and on-going maintenance (fertilization, overseeding, amendments, etc.). We are steadily seeing our customers opting for sustainable landscapes, realizing the overall benefits of reducing maintenance, the ease on the environment and the long term economic value.

2. Edible Landscapes

Blended landscapes that incorporate edibles and ornamentals serve two functions, they provides gardeners with bountiful harvests of fruit, vegetables and herbs while minimizing turfgrass. Not only can edible landscapes serve a utilitarian function they also are aesthetically pleasing. If properly designed, edible landscapes can look truly breathtaking. Also, edible gardens may create community, as urban farmers share their bounty around the neighborhood!

3. Higher Quality

The old saying goes..."you get what you pay for", and people are paying attention to this sage advice. Over the years, we have watched an interesting transition from "the cheapest possible" to "higher quality". This applies not only to landscaping products and plants, but services. Extravagant, over-the-top landscapes are out. For example, we saw a surge in 2006 of cultured stone incorporated into landscapes. Chosen for its close resemblance to real stone and seemingly affordable compared to its natural counterpart. Fast forward 10 years, homeowners are left disappointed, with a lack of durability and style. Homeowners are now in the position of needing to replace all that stone. Clients are opting for good quality products and natural materials, which will last a lifetime rather than one decade.

4. Water Features

Who doesn't love the sound of babbling water? Water features are known for their classic beauty and tranquility; yet historically, we often see homeowners add this feature later or not at all. Recently, we have seen a shift, customers are adding water features as a focal point. This balances outdoor spaces, creating an organic, aesthetic, feel to any landscape no matter the design (formal english to cottage looks).

5. Landscape Lighting

Lights are no longer viewed as an after thought. We have seen increasing interest in low voltage lighting. This is because, in the not-so-distant past, constantly changing burnt out bulbs was an annoying necessity of landscape lighting. Thankfully, things have changed with the innovation of LED bulbs. They provide the loved warm appearance in halogen and incandescent without the high burn-out rate seen in other bulb types (typically 10-15 years in between LED bulb replacements).

6. Outdoor Living Spaces

Homeowners are increasingly utilizing outdoor spaces as extensions of their homes. This has been made possible with the development of new technologies. For instance, outdoor fabrics have become more fashionable and durable-creating comfortable permanent outdoor living spaces. These fabrics can be customized for use on benches, chairs and umbrellas, they are made of acrylic, which is fade-resistant and waterproof. Additionally, outdoor kitchen materials are becoming lighter and more durable. Making them easier to build and less expensive to install. The marriage between comfortable, fashionable furniture and outdoor kitchens are creating delightful outdoor spaces, to lounge and spend countless hours in your outdoor space. A true escape in your own backyard.


We have found homeowners choosing natural materials and quality products results in a happier overall experience, while producing better long-term results for landscapes.

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