Mar 27, 2020

4 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

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Irrigation Startup

While you don't quite need your irrigation system running yet, it's a good idea to get it charged and ready to go. Inevitably, we'll get a surprise heat spike and we want to ensure your landscape is ready. We suggest getting an irrigation startup completed by the end of April to mid-May.

Weed Control

Spring provides a perfect environment for growth, it's temperate and moist. This is great for plant and lawn growth; however, it also allows weeds to flourish. Staying vigilant on weed control is important. Once weeds get out of hand, they are difficult to manage. We suggest spraying weeds as needed and using pre-emergent weed control to beds to prevent new seeds from germinating.

Corrective Pruning

Corrective pruning is important to perform as it removes dead, diseased and problematic limbs. It also helps form plants into a more attractive shape. Using sound horticultural practices, corrective pruning assists in growing healthy plants for years to come.

Lawn Refresher

Bi-annual lawn refreshers are the best way to keep your lawn weed-free, lush, and green. Aeration, overseed, and fertilization invigorates lawn to endure the long hot summer ahead. These three lawn services revitalize and encourage grass growth. It's a fail-safe trio for having a spectacular lawn.

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