Oct 16, 2016

4 Ways To Simplify Low Voltage Lighting

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Memorizing every crack and step on your walkways? Neglecting the beauty your ornamental plants have to offer at night? Has the thought of continuously changing bulbs or tracing where the cut wire is, stopped you? Thankfully things have changed and lighting is now one of the simplest ways to illuminate your landscapes best features; while simultaneously enhancing your family’s safety. The duality lighting has to offer is unmatched with any other landscaping product. Low voltage landscape lighting has come a long way over the years. If done correctly, the most maintenance you will need to perform is replacing a bulb every 5-10 years. Below are 4 ways to simplify low voltage lighting; these guidelines will establish an effortless experience for years to come.

1. Buy LED Bulbs

Opting for LED lights will make the largest difference in reducing maintenance. There is nothing more frustrating than replacing halogen or incandescent bulbs, what feels like, every week.

LED bulbs offer not only longevity but durability as well. LED lights typically last 50,000 hours while some types even last 100,000! That means, if you ran your lighting all day it would take almost 11.5 years to burn out!

LED not only beat out all other types of bulbs in terms of longevity they are also more durable; withstanding weather more effectively than halogen and incandescent. In addition, LED use much less energy. They use approximately 329 kwh/year and incandescent use 3285 kwh/year. That is a huge difference in energy consumption. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s better for the wallet.

2. Cloud Timer

If you have ever dealt with a manual timer you know how obnoxious constant programming can be. You may even be programming multiple timers as different lights may be on separate timers. Also, it is common to program several times within one season.

Thankfully, there is a solution to these woes, a cloud based timer. This technology uses your zip code to synchronize local sunrises and sunsets, auto adjusting timers without lifting a finger. In addition, you are in full control of lighting scenes from a mobile device or PC. The initial set-up may be confusing and you will likely need the help of a professional; however, programming is typically a one time occurrence. Choosing a cloud based timer will greatly reduce the time spent on programming.

Unique Benefits To Cloud-Based Control – Ability To:

  • Create unique ambiance for special occasions
  • Control pathway lighting for nighttime entry
  • Turn on security lighting at the touch of a button
  • Automate outdoor living spaces
  • Change lighting colors, which is wonderful for the holidays (not available with every light design)

3. High Quality Fixtures

We know it may be awfully tempting to opt for less expensive fixtures, but as the old saying goes…”you get what you pay for,” and lighting fixtures are no exception. Low quality fixtures let water and condensation into the light filament, compromising the longevity of your light bulb. In addition, higher quality fixtures are more durable, able to handle accidental impact more so than it’s inexpensive counterpart. In the long run, choosing a higher quality option will reduce maintenance in fixture and bulb replacement.

4. Bury Your Wire

There is nothing more frustrating than having a light out and trying to find where the cut or break is (checking Christmas lights comes to mind). While burying the electrical wire does not guarantee you will not have to do this, it greatly reduces your chances of needing to repair often. Often, clients either shallowly bury the wire or lay it over barkdust. We cringe at the sight of this, as exposed wire is very easy to cut with a weed eater or damage with a rake. Lighting wire needs to be buried at a 6″ depth. While this is more work upfront, burying the wire at the proper depth will save you from the inevitable hours spent searching where the break is.

Why we love landscape lighting

Modern day lighting enhances the beauty and functionality of your landscape for years to come. After the initial cost, installation and set-up, lighting requires very little upkeep. This is a feature we are certain you will love. Warm summer evenings and dark winter nights will never be the same…

We offer complimentary lighting demos! Let’s see how we can illuminate your life.
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