Feb 26, 2020

6 Plants Our Designers Love!

Sunny Landscape

We have selected 6 plants for their overall beauty and functionality. These plants will work in most landscapes but not all, as conditions vary. We hope you enjoy learning about our favorite plants.

Focal Tree

When envisioning the "perfect" landscape, we often think of tree crest over the entrance of our homes, or the maple we sit under during the summer. Adding a focal point tree adds beauty and interest, giving your yard a homey lived-in feeling. Choosing the right tree for the right spot can be tricky. Be sure to look at overall height and diameter growth to ensure it's the right tree for the space. A few of our favorites are Crape Myrtle, red vine Maple, and Alaskan Cedar.

Winter Daphne

We always try to incorporate at least one winter daphne in every landscape design. They are very pleasing to the senses. They have a lightly floral aroma similar to a star lily. Planting them beneath a kitchen or bedroom window is a wonderful way for the scent to waft into your home. Another great placement is at or near the front door. This provides a delightful scent every time you step outside.


Boxwood hedges are a fantastic way to create a cohesive look to your yard. They blend well with almost every type of design, are hardy and easy to maintain. Using a boxwood hedge can add continuity to an eclectic or cottage style landscape. On the other hand, boxwoods highlight the clean lines of English gardens, Japanese and modern styles.


Viburnum is a great choice as a focal point shrub. They thrive in full sun and part shade. We especially enjoy them for their beautiful white flowers which have an extended bloom time, blooming in spring and have specular fall foliage.


Sarcocca is a great shrub for creating a hedge or using in a large planting. Sarcocca have deep green leaves and white blooms and can be used in any landscape. They have a surprising sweet aromatic scent that wafts and the weather warms a little.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf hydrangeas are a favorite pick. They have a delicate beauty about them, yet are hardy in the NW climate. Their bloom heads come in a variety of colors. Unlike, mophead hydrangeas, oak leaves do not get giant and unruly. More often than not if somethings seems missing from a landscape, add an oak leaf hydrangea and it's the icing on the cake.

Creating a plant list for your landscape can be an exhaustive process. There's a lot to consider such as lighting conditions, space considerations, design perspective, maintenance level, and soil structure, the list could go on. So please keep in mind these plant suggestions have caveats, so speaking with a professional landscape consultant is recommended.

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