Apr 13, 2020

Creating Privacy In Your Backyard

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Clients commonly request ways in which they can create more privacy in their back yards. This often takes skill and thoughtful design, especially in smaller backyards where every inch of square footage matters. Below are 4 ways we recommend adding privacy to your backyard.

Privacy Plantings

Privacy plantings are strategic plantings to block or hinder the neighbor's views. A common strategy is to use an arborvitae hedge along the fence line. You can also use any tree or shrub that grows tall and skinny. This combination is good for backyards because they don't take up a lot of space, yet provide maximum coverage.

Water Features

Adding a water feature is a wonderful way to enhance your landscape. More importantly, it's a perfect way to drown out surrounding noises. Wouldn't you rather hear a babbling fountain rather than a car driving by?

Full Planting Beds

Having lush full planting beds is another great way to create privacy. Dense planting beds are a benefit in two ways. First, it creates a privacy screen, dense foliage is a way to limit watchful eyes. Second, it also aids in privacy by creating a noise reduction screen. Think about how you can more easily hear someone yell in an open field rather than a densely wooded area.

Lower Landscape Grades

If you are on a slope, you'll notice the upper part of your landscape doesn't provide as much privacy as the lower portion. We recommend digging out the upper portion, lowering the grade (to match the lower area) to create maximum privacy. To level the area you'll need a retaining wall that can be utilized as a seat wall. Seat walls are an added bonus to this type of project as they are good gathering areas for family and friends. We do not recommend you DIY this, you'll need to contact a landscape professional.

If you want to start planning your landscape or have any questions give us a call at 503-669-0606
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