Apr 09, 2018

How To Choose Patio Pavers | A Landscape Designers Guide

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How to Choose The Best Patio Pavers

Choosing pavers may seem overwhelming at first. From style, material and pattern, the choices seem endless! It is a decision you'll want to carefully consider prior to settling on a paver. Often, this task is easier if you have a trusted landscape designer or landscape construction professional you are working with. To ease this decision making process, we have complied a list of 4 important considerations to guide you in choosing the perfect patio pavers.


Ask yourself how you plan to use the pavers. Will they be used as a driveway, path or patio? Determining how your space will be used, guides the paver selection. For instance, some pavers are more durable and will be better suited to driveways. You may want a combination of pavers that blend harmoniously to achieve the best paver for the job.


When you walk outside into your yard, what vibe do you want? Modern, english garden, asian, cottage, natural or transitional? Certain pavers have a feel to them. For example, tumbled pavers are more natural, while straight edged are more formal. Choosing the right paver style will set the mood of your yard.


Similarly to style, the patterns, also sets the tone for your landscape. Certain patterns, such as herringbone are considered a classic pattern and often used in english garden styled yards. Also, depending on the angle (or degree) of the installed paver influences the character.


Now that you've considered the function, style and pattern, cost will further help you to narrow your choices. If you want a blue stone patio expect to pay toward the higher end for pavers. Typically, pavers can range from $12.00 to $24.00 per square foot, installed. The price variance is due to a few factors which influence the pricing. They are as follows:

  • Access to the space. We look for obstacles, narrow or wide paths, steps, etc
  • Needed preparation. Are we replacing old pavers, is the space overgrown with plant life, do we need to remove concrete, etc.
  • Materials. Not only does the cost of each paver vary based on its quality and availability, some pavers are easier to install than other types.
Still need guidance on choosing patio pavers? Reach out to talk a friendly professional today.
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