Jan 22, 2020

How To Create Usable Outdoor Spaces

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Outdoor Living Brings Families Together

There's nothing that brings a family together like shared outdoor spaces. Homeowners may dream of an expansive backyard, but it can end up feeling more like a burden if it lacks interest and purpose, resulting in no one using it.
Here are some simple ways to turn your backyard into an appealing space your entire family can enjoy.

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1) Create Seating

Creating a comfortable and cozy space to sit, sip, and enjoy company is the key to getting your family to gather. We recommend incorporating seat walls, covered porches, and pergolas. Also, the use of outdoor heaters provides interest to your outdoor space.

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2) Fire-pits

There's nothing like the warm glow of a fire, regardless of the season. Nights will be filled with laughter and stories; giving your space an organic, cozy feel, especially when used with a seat wall. Integrating a fire-pit into your landscape unites families year-round.

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3) Lighting

Lighting is not only practical from a safety standpoint, but it also makes your outdoor space usable at night while highlighting natural beauty. This simple touch allows for a soft glow to your otherwise unavailable landscape. We offer complimentary lighting demos, we will set lights in your landscape for you to enjoy for a few days. We are certain you'll see how the flick of a switch can create a breathtaking yard

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4) Hire Professionals to Maintain Your Yard

Lowering your time spent on yard maintenance is one of the easiest ways to spend more time with your family. Why spend weekends mowing, pruning and weeding your landscape? We can design and/or maintain your yard so you can sit and relax with your family. Leave the hard work to us!

We offer complimentary consultations and estimates. We'd love to get you in your yard more by creating usable spaces.
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Erica Mooney
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