Apr 21, 2016

How to mow your lawn like an expert! 5 Simple tips

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Have you wondered how to mow your lawn like an expert and lust after a professionally maintained lawn? We are revealing our tried and true tips to help you get a perfectly mowed lawn. These 5 tips are so simple you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing them sooner.

1. Sharpen Your Mower Blades

After mowing, have you ever noticed white tips on the grass blades? This is due to dull mower blades. Regularly sharpening your mower blades prevents shredding to the tips allowing them to stay green. Expert tip: Sharpen blades every 5-7 mowings

2. Stick Straight Lines

Mowing a straight line can be tricky with the curves and turn of a lawn. Often, a simple tactic used by professionals is to pick a non-moving object and aim it toward the middle of your chest. Keeping that object in the center as your are mowing will allow for a first perfect line. This is only needed for the first line, as you now have your guideline.

3. Alternate Mowing Patterns

Before you mow, consider the last direction you went with your mower. If you went straight last time, go diagonal or perpendicular this time. Alternating your mowing patterns prevents ruts and divots that may be created by the weight of the mower. It also gives you those coveted diamond shapes in your lawn.

4. Regular Mowing

Regular mowing (once a week in summer), encourages growth and vitality of a lawn. Grass blades contain meristematic tissue which are responsible for a plant’s growth. Cutting above this tissue stimulates new growth. Essentially, frequent mowing = growth. This is great news for folks who covet thick beautiful lawns. On the other hand, infrequent mowing = decrease in growth. Letting a lawn grow too long results in cutting below the meristematic tissue.Expert Tip: What is considered “regular” mowing depends on your climate and grass type. A helpful guideline is to leave 2/3 of a grass blade length.

5. Choosing An Appropriate Mower Deck Height

Don’t be tempted to drop the mower deck height in hopes of having to mow less. This will cause unwanted turf problems such as weed invasion along with drought and heat damage. Find the height your grass likes. Most people in Portland Oregon and the Pacific northwest, seed with perennial rye for full sun and fine fescue in shade exposures. Typically perennial rye prefers heights between 0.75 & 2.5 inches; while fine fescue is between 1.5 & 4 inches. Usually mower heights are lowered in colder seasons and higher in warmer seasons.

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