Mar 26, 2018

Why Planning Your Landscape Project Ahead Is Important!

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Why You Should Plan Your Summer Landscape Projects in Winter

You’re excited because you finally decided to move forward with your plans for your yard, and the sunshine is a prefect reminder. You can’t wait to have BBQ’s and lazy evenings this summer. So, you pick up the phone and start calling around to find your landscaper. You may be finding that planning you space in spring and summer is more difficult than anticipated. So we hope to bring awareness as to why planning your landscape project ahead, is important! Please read on to find out the top 3 reasons.

Landscapers Schedule

Every spring and summer we get calls from homeowners inquiring about landscaping. Expecting to get their project going in spring or summer, only to have their hopes dashed by hearing, "we are 2 months out"! We dread having to tell people this, so we encourage using winter to your advantage to plan the perfect summer outdoor space.

Material Availability

Landscape projects involve a melody of materials being procured and delivered to your doorstep in sync. While this may often look effortless, there is much needed coordination involved with your landscaper and the material vendor. Planning ahead will ensure you get the plants, sod, pavers, and any other materials needed for your vision, delivered on-time and ready for your landscaper to install.

Time For Your Landscape To Mature

Many times, waiting to schedule your project will conflict with the time-frame you plan on using it. For instance, sod takes about 1 month to root before it can endure any use. Also, installing sod and plantings in the winter, significantly reduces (if not eliminates) the need to water. This is not only convenient, but a money saver. Lastly, planning your landscape ahead of time allows plants and sod to root and flourish in summer. Patio and paver work done in winter will allow grass seed or sod to grow nicely to the edge and look established, rather than your landscape appearing to be recently installed. Planning ahead, will give your landscape a polished look for the time of year you plan on using it.

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