Dec 07, 2022

Your Yard, But Better!

Landscape Lighting


While you may love your neighbors, you likely don't want eyes on your yard all the time. Our first option to transform your landscape is to tackle privacy issues. This is simple yet effective in creating your outdoor oasis. Depending on growing conditions, space and other circumstances will dictate available options. We often opt for a planting as this is typically the most budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Landscape Cleanup

Landscape cleanups are one of the quickest ways to overhaul your yard. If your landscape has not been professionally maintained, it likely needs a cleanup. Lawn and planting bed edges may need a little help. In addition, lawn and bed weeds, fertilization of lawn and plants, debris cleanup, pruning, and bark dust application, are just a few of the services typically done. Cleanups can vary widely in their scope and can be customized to your specific needs.

Hot Tub Patios

One of the most requested services is a paver platform for a hot tub with a firepit. This landscape solution is for the homeowner who wants to transform their yard into a spa-like experience. We have a lot of fun installing these, as it adds year-round interest to a landscape and is very exciting for the homeowner!


We may sound like a broken record, but landscape lighting is stunning. It gives your landscape the sparkle that's missing. We think of lighting like the trim in your home; without it, it gives an unfinished appearance. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it is also very practical. Outdoor lighting not only provides visibility for a homeowner, but it's also a security measure to help prevent intruders.

We'd love to discuss options for your yard. Contact us to discuss your options to transform your landscape into an outdoor oasis!
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