Oct 30, 2023

Transform Your Starter Home Into A Forever Home with Landscaping

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Your starter home is where countless memories are made, and often, it's the first stepping stone toward creating your dream home. Many homeowners find themselves pondering whether to invest in landscaping, considering the uncertainty of how long they will stay in their starter home. However, with some thoughtful planning and strategic choices, you may see your starter home your forever home with a few landscaping tweaks. We'll explore four key aspects to transform your starter home's outdoor space into a place you'll love for years to come: addressing privacy concerns, creating a focal point, considering functionality, and ensuring proper drainage, plant selection, and lighting.

Address Privacy Concerns

Privacy is an essential consideration when it comes to enjoying your outdoor space. Below are a few ways to create privacy within your landscape

Install Fencing: A well-designed fence can provide both privacy and security. Choose from a variety of styles, such as wooden picket, vinyl, or decorative metal, to match your home's aesthetic.

Plant Hedges or Trees: Incorporating tall hedges, shrubs, or trees along the property boundary can create a natural screen. Select fast-growing and low-maintenance options for long-term satisfaction.

Use Screens and Trellises: Add decorative screens, trellises, or pergolas with climbing plants like jasmine or ivy to enhance privacy while adding beauty to your outdoor space.

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Create A Focal Point

Every great outdoor oasis has a focal point that draws the eye and creates a sense of unity. To make your starter home feel like a forever home, consider these landscaping ideas:

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit: A fire feature not only provides warmth but also serves as a gathering point for family and friends year-round.

Water Features: A fountain, pond, or waterfall can add a tranquil and inviting element to your landscape.

Garden Path or Walkway: A well-designed path or walkway leading to a seating area or garden creates a natural focal point while adding functionality.

Consider Functionality

Tailoring your landscape to your specific needs and lifestyle ensures that you'll love your starter home for years to come. When meeting with homeowners below are a few considerations we make as a part of our process of assessing how your landscape will be used.

Family and Pets: If you have children and pets, design your outdoor space to be child and pet-friendly. This may include a play area, sturdy fencing, and pet-friendly plants.

Outdoor Entertaining: For those who love hosting gatherings, create an outdoor kitchen, seating areas, and a well-designed patio for maximum functionality and comfort. Gardening: If you have a green thumb, allocate space for gardening beds or raised planters to nurture your favorite plants and vegetables.

Maintenance: Will you have your finished landscape professionally maintained after? If not, what level of maintenance are you comfortable with? Selecting a design can be guided by this question.

Lighting: Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your landscape and extends the usability of your outdoor space. Install path lights, spotlights, and decorative lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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Address Concerns

If there are any concerns about your yard (such as drainage problems), we suggest addressing them head-on. Having standing water, invasive plants, and weed-filled yards can all cause headaches that may stop you from enjoying your yard to its fullest.

By addressing privacy concerns, creating a focal point, considering functionality, and paying attention to drainage, plant selection, and lighting, you can transform your starter home's outdoor space into your forever home. Thoughtful landscaping not only enhances your quality of life but also adds value to your property. So, don't hesitate to invest in your starter home's landscape and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Your starter home can indeed become your dream home with the right landscaping choices.

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