Jan 26, 2024

Why Hiring a Landscape Company for Drainage Issues Makes Sense

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Maintaining a beautiful and functional landscape is a priority for many homeowners. However, when faced with drainage issues, the choice between hiring a drainage company or a landscape company can be crucial. While both may seem capable of addressing drainage problems, there are compelling reasons to opt for a landscape company. Read on to hear why hiring a landscape company for drainage issues is not only practical but also advantageous.

Comprehensive Solutions

One of the primary advantages of hiring a landscape company for drainage issues is our ability to provide comprehensive solutions. Unlike drainage companies focusing solely on fixing drainage problems, landscape companies approach the issue with a broader perspective. We consider the overall aesthetics and functionality of the landscape, ensuring that any drainage solutions implemented seamlessly integrate with the existing design. Additionally, drainage companies will typically address water issues right at the house. They usually tackle water issues directly adjacent to or at the house, preventing water from entering the crawlspace or basement. They focus on eliminating water at the last moment before it penetrates the building. However, the durability of such drainage systems can vary, subject to the surrounding environment. A critical concern is what happens if the drainage system fails. As a landscaping company, we are skilled, licensed, and knowledgeable in altering the landscape to divert water from the basement or crawl space. This involves changing the overall topography, essentially guiding water away from the house. We combine specialized grading techniques with our drainage systems to offer a robust solution. This approach, which we have extensively tested, significantly reduces the risk of drainage system failure during heavy rains or snow melts, providing peace of mind.

Experts In Landscape Design

Landscape companies bring a wealth of expertise in landscape design to the table. This means we can assess drainage issues while also considering the visual appeal of the outdoor space. By leveraging our design skills, we can devise drainage solutions that not only solve the problem but also enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Minimize Damage To Property

One common concern when dealing with drainage issues is the potential damage to the property. Drainage companies, while proficient in resolving drainage problems, may lack the finesse required to minimize disruption to the landscape. On the other hand, landscape companies are adept at executing solutions in a way that minimizes damage to the yard. We understand how to work with the existing elements of the landscape to implement drainage solutions without causing unnecessary upheaval.

Compliance With Legal Regulations

Another crucial factor to consider is legal regulations regarding landscaping and drainage work. In many areas, drainage companies are not authorized to perform landscaping tasks. This means that if you hire a drainage company to address drainage issues, they may not be able to restore your landscape to its original condition after completing the work. This could leave you with a torn-up yard and the additional hassle of finding and hiring a landscape company to rectify the damage.

Seamless Integration of Solutions

By entrusting drainage issues to a landscape company, you ensure a seamless integration of solutions into your outdoor space. Landscape professionals understand how to blend drainage features such as French drains, bioswales, or retention ponds with your existing landscape elements. This results in a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor environment where drainage solutions are discreetly incorporated.

While drainage companies excel at resolving drainage problems, their expertise is often limited to the technical aspects of drainage work. On the other hand, landscape companies offer a holistic approach that considers both the functionality and aesthetics of the outdoor space. By hiring a landscape company for drainage issues, homeowners can benefit from comprehensive solutions, expert design advice, minimizing property damage, compliance with legal regulations, and seamless integration of drainage solutions into their landscapes. Ultimately, investing in the services of a landscape company ensures not only effective drainage solutions but also a beautiful and harmonious outdoor environment.

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